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El pasado lunes 31 de marzo y miércoles 2 de abril, la profesora y colaboradora de la editorial Oxford, Donna, nos habló sobre aspectos varios de la cultura anglosajona. Se centró concretamente en Escocia e Irlanda.

Con su colaboración, esperamos haber ayudado a nuestros alumnos a disfrutar  un poquito más del inglés en vivo y en directo.

Our IB students´review on the speech:

I liked the speech and I’m not buttering Donna up. Donna, who was the speaker, told us a lot of interesting facts about Ireland. Besides she was born there, so she knew many things and she spoke enthusiastically, making the presentation interesting for us. I loved it because I only knew some basic data from Ireland and I had always seen that Saint Patrick day was celebrated around the world and I didn’t know why. Thanks to the speech I learnt why, Irish people used to migrate to other countries such as USA. I also learnt that Saint Patrick explained the Christianity with a shamrock, that’s why shamrocks are important. The only thing I don’t like about the presentation is that I want to go to Ireland to visit “the Giants Causeway” now! Seriously, it was exciting and good fun. It’s always good learning something new!” . By Carlos Monserrat Marín, 1º IB

“The other day came in to the school an Irish woman called Donna. She explained the History in Ireland, with his folk dances, interests and sports. 

She began with a bit of history, and explained the colours of the flag of Ireland.  She even showed a video to us of one of these typical Irish dancing.

Finally she spoke about the most famous sports in Ireland, which were the Gaelic football, rugby and hurling. And she put a video of the Gaelic football, in which there were seen Gaelic football match, goals, etc…

In my opinion it was a good speech in that we learned several things of the History of Ireland”. By Daniel Sánchez Chiapello, 1st Year IB

“Donna, an Irish woman, came to our school to do a presentation about her country. She talked to us about the meaning of the  Irish flag: the green colour represents Catholic people, the orange colour represents the Protestant people and the white colour represents the peace between the two. She also asked us about Geography, about Irish provinces: Ulster, Leinster, Connaught and Munster.

Donna explained that in Ireland there is another language called Gaellic and the Irish population that was 1.5 million inhabitants. The capital is Dublin and at present, the president is Michael D. Higgins (9 th president).

There are beautiful places in Ireland which Donna showed us. Some of them are: The Rock of Cashel (resident for kings), Phoenix Park ( a place where people run, do concerts…), Trinity College ( a place where famous people studied like Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, is an expensive college), Saint Patrick`s Catherdral. Donna informed us about Saint Patrick`s Day that is celebrated the 17th of March. The day is celebrated worldwide: Ireland, New York… because Irish emigrant people took with them these Irish traditions. In this day, people wear green clothes and dance in the street.

Also we watched a video about the River Dance that is an International Dancing Show. The video was awesome! And we knew some beautiful Irish tourist attractions: Guiness Storehouse, Prick Fair Killorglin, The ring of Kerry, Bunratty Castle and folk parks, the Giant`s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher. Finally we knew the three sports practiced in Ireland: Rugby, Hurling and Gaellic football. We also watched a video about Gaelic football.

In my opinion, Donna`s presentation was fantastic. She spoke clearly for us to understand.

Now we know more about this beautiful and magnificent country. I hope to visit it in the nearest future!”

By Jesús López Cañizares, 1st Year IB

“It is always a good idea to hear a person speaking English in the flesh. Moreover, it is great if we also learn general culture of other countries. This time, an Irish woman came to our school to talk about interesting facts about her nation. We could learn or just remind the flag colours, the four Irish areas divided in counties or the President of the Irish Republic. So I think we all enjoyed the speech and the part I liked the most was the video about hurling, a very typical Irish sport we watched”.

 By Belén Andreo Vidal, 1st Year IB






El pasado lunes 16 de diciembre, el grupo de teatro en inglés “Moving on” representó la obra “All the World´s a Stage”  en el Centro Sociocultural La Cárcel para alumnos de 4º ESO y 1º de Bachillerato.

Harry y Bob son los técnicos encargados de disponer los preparativos para la representación teatral de la famosa obra de Shakespeare “Romeo y Julieta”, pero se han equivocado de fecha y no disponen de los actores para preparar el escenario…

El argumento de la misma está basado en otra famosa obra del mismo escritor “As You Like It” (Como Gustéis).Una vez más han contado con la participación entusiasta de algunos alumnos/as de esos grupos como actores y actrices según las fotos que se adjuntan. Esta actividad fue tratada en clase previa y posteriormente.

Esperamos haber ayudado a desarrollar un poco más vuestra destreza auditiva o al menos a disfrutar del inglés en vivo y en directo.

Our IB students´review on the play:

“In my view, the play was awesome! The thing which I like more than others was the interaction among the actors and the audience. It isn´t the typical piece with a boring plot, personally, I think that it was really funny” By Nuria Pagán Sánchez, 1º IB

“The dialogue was not really difficult to understand, so all of us could connect with the actors and follow up the play. Moreover, the performers were the ones who made us interact with them, for instance, by clapping our hands or singing the chorus. The reference of the famous Shakespeare´s work “ Romeo and Juliet” and “As you like it” help us know famous and honored  English Literature”  By Belén Andreo Vidal, 1º IB

“The play was fantastic! It was because the characters interacted with all the people in the room. In the play, it was the first time that I had to wait out of the room and I had fun when I saw my friends on the stage. The plot was easy to follow, so the play was understood by everyone” By Jesús López Cañizares, 1º IB

“I liked the play. I’m going to be honest, at the beginning ,I wasn’t so sure, but I did, indeed. I enjoyed it because the actors were friendly and they interacted with the students so the play was entertaining. The actors also used easy words so everyone could understand them”  By Carlos Monserrat Marín, 1º IB